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Writing seed is a daily writing challenge. You can do it by yourself or with your friends to keep yourself accountable. It requires zero setup. Just a pen and some paper.


A seed word is something that sparks creativity. A word that you use to overcome your writer’s block.

Every day a new seed word pops on our website, just at the top of the page. .

The challenge is simple. Use that word as a starting point to write in your journal, create a blog post, compose a tweet, send a message to somebody, or whatever you wish that involves writing. It could be one sentence or an entire essay. That, again, is up to you.

Keep writing every day, and soon you will realize it comes naturally, without much effort!

Get your daily seed word via email. Never forget to write!


Is that a course of some sort?

No. It's a free challenge.

How do you make money then?

Writing seed is a challenge that I designed for myself and decided to share freely with the world. Currently, it makes $0. Thank God I have other ways to put food on my table. :)

Do I have to create an account or anything?

Nope. You don't have to, though you can subscribe through the form above to get a daily email with a seed word.

What tools should I use?

It's up to you. Whatever feels more comfortable, use that. Some prefer the pen and paper experience, while others prefer digital. It doesn't matter much, as long as you're writing daily.

Why a single word?

I believe a single word is just enough to spark creativity. It's not a whole journaling prompt that tries to frame you in a concrete context. Instead, it's a tiny idea that you get all the freedom in the world to expand on. That's quite powerful.

What's the deal with the `issues`?

Writing every day can become quite exhausting, especially if you're new to it. That's why the writing seed challenge consists of issues with gaps between them. Each issue holds 50 seed words, one for each day. After those 50 days, we give ourselves a week or two to reflect on our writings. And then comes another issue with new seed words ad infinitum.

Do I have to write everyday?

That's the challenge. Remember, even a single powerful sentence counts. A tweet counts. As long as it's in written form and includes the seed word, it counts.

What if I miss a day?

It sucks, but don't fret over it. Just keep going.

How can I spread the word?

If you plan to share your writings publicly in any way, a link to this website will be greatly appreciated. You can also use #writingseed hashtag throughout social media so that we can give each other some love. Neither of these is required, though.

OK, I'm sold! What should I do next?

Take a pen and a piece of paper and start writing whatever comes to your mind when you hear the seed word .